We offer a full range of Real Estate services including:


We sell a complete range of residential properties across all price ranges. These include houses, apartments and sections.

Property Management

We manage and let a large range of properties with the back up and support of a dedicated Property Management team.

Commercial and Industrial

We are able to help investors, developers and businesses find suitable properties through our dedicated Commercial and Industrial specialists.


Maintenance, remodelling. Undertaking common repairs of all scale and types such as plumbing, electrical utilities, carpentry, masonry, painting, furniture and fixtures shopping and garden tending.

Preventative maintenance.

Providing property checks to ensure facilities and all key areas in general are kept in good condition avoiding costly repairs and inconveniences due to unforeseen maintenance.

The National Real Estate Promise

Through extensive research, we know what our clients want most from National Real Estate and their chosen property consultant…the promise of enjoying an exceptional level of personal and professional service. And because clear communication is the key to identifying your individual needs and expectations, you won’t just have our word on it; you’ll have our guarantee in writing.

The National Real Estate Promise is your absolute assurance of just how seriously we take our responsibilities on your behalf. It’s our way of being held accountable, and your way of knowing you will be looked after every single step of the way. Consider it our total commitment to working together to make the whole experience easier, less stressful and far more rewarding. And that’s a promise!

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